Something magical this way comes...

If you're a soulful woman seeking time, space and simple, soul-enriching ways to reconnect to your creativity, I’m conjuring up shape-shifting magic for you!

Introvert-friendly creative embodiment experiences

and soul sister circles coming soon...

Come back home to yourself and embrace your and express your unique magic through simple soul rituals, habits and practices that have the power to revolutionise your life.

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When I honour my personal soul support practices, my whole life feels different.

My capacity to create is SO much bigger.


My intuition and ability to tune into what really matters to me heightens so much, I can move through fear without efforting or pushing.

My commitment to writing becomes non-negotiable...also with no effort. My peace, patience, compassion and courage elevate to a whole new level.


I feel like a different person.  Less triggered, rushed or pushed. More in flow with life (whatever it throws at me) and free to unapologetically be me!

I want this for you too. ​
Which is why I'm conjuring up something magical for you!

The Magical Soul Snug will offer you a safe space and like-minded community to soulfully shape supportive practices into your life.

And have fun whilst doing so!


Shaped around seasonal monthly themes, interwoven through simple Qoya-based movement, meditation, moonology, The Magical Soul Snug aims to leave you feeling lighter, brighter, empowered and positive.

Sound good? Come join us...

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