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Sep 22, 2024 - Oct 3, 2024

  • 12Days


‘Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.’ Anne Lamott ✨ 10 days. 10 simple tools. ✨ A should-free sanctuary to help you shift stress and restore your senses…no matter what the world sends you. Pausing is powerful. But not easy in modern life. In the post-pandemic busy years, many of us are reassessing our life. Pondering how we'd love to feel, what really matters... and what doesn't. Exploring how we can create more space, doubting this is possible, and wondering if we're delusional. Life doesn't shift through big gestures. It changes slowly, one small step at a time, through conscious micro-choices and habits. Over the years I've slowly reshaped my life in small steps so that from the moment I open my eyes, I feel glad to be alive. The day may slide downhill, but my capacity to stay centred and find calm in chaos remains... despite my permanently busy neurodiverse brain. Learning how to stay present and peaceful changes your life. Which is why I'm offering you my deceptively simple, highly impactful, restorative #ZenInTen Journey. There's never been a better time to gift yourself a pocket of peace than this moment. On this gentle journey, you will discover:   ✨How to start each day feeling more energised and focussed, so you get what matters to you done, and stop feeling like a failure ✨ Simple, quick daily steps you can use to feel calmer and less like you're spinning in circles ✨ The simple secret behind actually starting that project you keep promising yourself - without feeling guilty You will come away with tools you can use to create more time and space to do what really matters to you.  Without having to overhaul your life, change what's happening in the world, or become a meditating maestro.

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Feedback from friends...

I love holding space for soulful women, and I never underestimate how lucky I am to do this. Helping women shift stress and find serenity brings me deep fulfilment and joy.


Many clients become firm friends... you can read their reflections on my mini meditation journeys below.

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“ I hope one day you will run a course of this in person. Such a wonderful mix of useful, powerful and easy-to-follow tools and techniques. 
Utterly brilliant... ”
Jools, UK
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