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Encouraging gentle-natured and neurosparkly women to craft lives that light up their souls...

in a nourishing, simple way that feels good deep in

their bones.

Helen Grace MacGregor in Wales

Cultivate Your Compassion.
Rekindle Your Sparkle. Nurture Your Soul.

I believe compassion is magical, sacred soul medicine.

It heals rather than harms.

Unites rather than divides.

Is free yet enriches your life.


​​Cultivating compassion not only changes how you feel about yourself,

it ripples out to touch and enhance the lives of everyone around you,

even though it happens so subtly you can't see it.





It's like magic!​​​
woman with hands on heart.jpg

Find your path to flourishing through embodied, compassion-led practices that reconnect you with your true self,
open your heart and make your soul smile.

You are the panacea you seek. 

I offer unique ways to encourage you to believe in yourself and trust your inner guidance so you can craft a life that is as unique and magical as you are.

You don't have to make big leaps, follow soul-crushing shoulds, or 'smash' goals. Life changes through small daily steps that align with your values, support

your well-being, and fly under the radar of your inner safety committee.


My approach honours your wisdom and wholeness,

aligns with your soul and tends to your fear fairies

so you flourish in a way that feels good to you.

Helen Grace MacGregor in the kitchen
Welcome to grace. space. soul...
a sanctuary for magical women who
crave a life that makes their soul smile.

Imagine a world where gentle and neurodivergent women embrace their unique magic and cultivate flourishing lives, guided by their heart whispers, not their head shouts. 


I am Helen Grace MacGregor. I am a writer, Qoya teacher, and guide for Embodied Writing for Wellbeing. 


I was diagnosed as neurodivergent at the age of 52. To process this, I turned to my long-held writing and embodiment practices. As I danced and wrote, I discovered the alchemical art of self-compassion. Unexpectedly, despite nothing changing externally, I began flourishing... for the first time.


My journey motivated me to create Embodied Writing for Wellbeing and Wholeness experiences. A unique fusion of my passions, practices, and expertise, these experiences encourage women to embrace their worth and wholeness and write their way to a flourishing life.


Let's unite to create a world where gentle and neurodivergent women thrive with confidence and grace, cultivating lives that light up their souls.


One simple, soulful step at a time.

Come as you are.

Leave feeling more who you are...
Holding a rose with grace
I Believe...

Freedom has many faces. For some it's about permission to pause, finding gaps in the day and safe soulful spaces. For others, it's about daring to voice thoughts and slowly reclaim their creative expression.


I'm here for it all. I am honoured to walk alongside kindred souls on their journey back home to themselves. Witnessing the magic that unfolds when another sees their own light makes my heart smile.

Freedom to me, is about unapologetic, unmasked soul expression.

I'm excited to discover what it is for you!

Helen Grace MacGregor xx

Helen Grace MacGregor at home
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