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Encouraging gentle souls & magically-brained beings to give themselves grace
& cultivate space for their
sacred work...

in a permission-rich way that feels good deep

in their bones

Sharing simple, soul-satisfying ways to give yourself grace and carve out sacred space
so you can honour the desires tugging
at the sleeve of your soul

I believe that when you give yourself permission to pursue your sacred work,

it is a radical act of reverence that ripples out love to the entire collective.


And yet, intermingled with the delight

that bubbles in your belly

as you imagine yourself

immersed in the work

that thrills you


lurk leaden doubt and denial dished

up by the fear fairies that keep

you safe from the siren

of soul-stirring

shiny ideas

And so the daily resist-dance
between your daydreams
and your doubts resumes...
woman with hands on heart.jpg

Sweet soul, I offer you an invitation...


Give Yourself Grace. Cultivate Space.
Satisfy your Soul 

 Introducing the counter-intuitive, permission-rich way to pursue your sacred work.

Harnessing the three P's: playfulness, pausing, and processes, to create your personal

pathway to indulge your soul-stirring ideas (whilst honouring your fear fairies).

Permission to Play

“Develop an air of having such a party with yourself that others want to join in the fun”

~ Barefoot Doctor ~

Exploring compassion-led, liberating

energy and embodiment practices to cultivate self-love, self-belief

and nurture your muse

Potency of Pausing

"Become a conscious vessel for the life force that is always flowing through you."

~ Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Uncovering soulful and seasonal ways

to carve out space, soften your shoulds and slowly shape

soulful habits that stick.

Power of Processes

"When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower."

~ Alexander Ven Heijer ~

Harnessing the power of processes

to ignite your intuition, foster

feminine flow, and enhance

your creative capacity.

MSS hands landscape.png
Welcome to, where we cultivate sacred spaces for magical minds in community

We are gathering a community of gentle souls and magically-brained beings who have struggled to claim their worth, share their truth or make what most wants to be made manifest through them.


We believe self-compassion is the soul medicine the world needs. It encourages us to accept our humanness and recognise our inherent wholeness so we can soften, surrender and resource ourselves.


Blending science with sacredness, we hold space for kindreds to connect more deeply with themselves and each other. Befriending ourselves so we can breathe more easily, build bridges of belonging and believe in our magic... despite our doubts and brain differences.

Come as you are.

Leave feeling more who you are...
Copy of Midlife Soul Shares.png
I Believe...

Freedom has many faces. For some it's about permission to pause, finding gaps in the day and safe soulful spaces. For others, it's about daring to voice thoughts and slowly reclaim their creative expression.


I'm here for it all. I am honoured to walk alongside women on their journey back home to themselves. To bear witness to the magic that unfolds when women see their own light makes my heart smile.

Freedom to me, is about unapologetic, unmasked soul expression.

I'm excited to discover what it is for you!

Helen Grace MacGregor xx

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